DIY Coffee

If you have time and are interested you can always come by and visit our facilities or even more… you can roast your own beans! You love brewing and drinking coffee so why not roasting? We have chosen for a small batch roaster so you can go home with your own roasted coffee supply. Roasted like you want! Grinded or not. DIY coffee.

You will be able to roast coffee to match your consumption so that the roasted coffee is used before it goes stale. Depending on the bean’s origin and the method of storage after roasting, generally whole bean coffee flavor is at its peak between seven and fourteen days after roasting. The flavor of ground coffee deteriorates even faster.

Home roasting of coffee has been practiced for centuries, using simple methods over a wood fire or kitchen stovetops. Until the early 20th century it was more common to roast coffee at home than to buy pre-roasted coffee. Following World War I commercial coffee roasting became prevalent and, combined with the distribution of instant coffee, home roasting decreased substantially.

Bringing this old tradition to live in the 21st century is utopic and in some cases even dangerous. That’s why we provide you a safe and pleasant place to roast your beans.

You will:

  1. enjoy fresh and flavorful coffee
  2. experiment with various beans and roasting methods
  3. know what you’re drinking!

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